Oregon’s Federal Judges 2017


Front row, l to r: Judges Dennis J. Hubel, Robert E. Jones, Malcolm F. Marsh, James A. Redden, Garr M. King, John P. Cooney, Edward Leavy, and Thomas M Coffin. Middle row, l to r: Judges Randall L. Dunn, Jolie A Russo, Youlee Yim You, Stacie F. Beckerman, Anna J. Brown, Paul Papak, David W. Hercher, Peter C. McKittrick, Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain, Ann L. Aiken, and Chief Judge Michael W. Mosman. Back row, l to r: Judges Thomas M. Renn, Michael H. Simon, Elizabeth L. Perris, Trish M. Brown, John V. Acosta, Patricia Sullivan, Marco Hernández, Michael J. McShane, Janice M. Stewart, John Jelderks, Mark D. Clarke, and Owen M. Panner. January 2017

Many thanks to Gosia Fonberg for coordinating the photography session that took place in January 2017.  Keene Studio took the photos.

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