2022 Annual Picnic

The dog days of August descended on the Society’s 2022 picnic, as temperatures topped out at 100 degrees as we convened at a new location –the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. No matter, the gathered crowd enjoyed a wonderful picnic spread, live music, and camaraderie as we honored the court’s most recent judges on the district’s bench.



Judge Jelderks

Judges Jones, Brown, and Jelderks.

Judge Jones was the life of the party, as usual.


Board Member Kelsie Crippen and local attorney Jordan Pahl.



Judge Hernandez.

The Society’s then Vice President Doug Pahl.


Board Member Nell Brown.


Judge Armistead.


Benchmark’s Editor Adair Law.


Litigators Bob Barton and Steve English.


Board Member Joe Carlisle.


Judge Hallman.


Local attorney Jennifer Gates.

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney General Natalie Wight.

Historian, author, lawyer Richard Botteri.

Filling the charged air with the bluesy folksy rockabilly sound we come to expect at the annual picnic.

Federal Public Defender Michelle Sweet.


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