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All of the USDCHS interviews are preserved as original recordings and transcribed interviews.  Both formats can be accessed at the Oregon Historical Society Davies Family Research Library. Early audio recordings were captured on magnetic cassette tape, but since 2006 all interviews have been recorded digitally and include video recorded sessions in addition to the audio format.  Contact libreference@ohs.org for more information.

Many of these transcribed interviews are also housed at the Hatfield Courthouse.  Please contact Julia Sathler, Portland Branch Librarian for the Ninth Circuit, to arrange a visit.

If you have questions, you may also contact Oral History Committee Chair Joe Carlisle.

Allison, Stanton
Althaus, Helen
Ashmanskas, Donald
Bagley, Kernan
Bauman, Frank
Beeman, Metta
Belloni, Robert
Biggs, Hugh
Bledsoe, John
Bloom, Stephen
Boivin, Harry
Brown, Gretchen
Bryson, Richard
Bullivant, Rupert R.
Burnham, Carl
Burns, James M.
Burns, John D.
Calkins, Windsor
Carson, Wallace
Christ, Robert
Cobb, Ralph
Collins, Jack
Cooney, John
Cooney, Thomas
Corey, Cleveland
Cosgrave, Walter
Crookham, Charles
Davidson, C. Girard
Deatherage, William
Deiz, Mercedes
Dellenback, John
Denecke, Selma
Dooley, Patrick
Duffy, Charles
Duncan, Robert
East, William
Elliot, Neva
Evans, Walter
Fedde, Bernhard
Fee, Alice Tomkins
Francis, Carl
Frohnmayer, Otto
Frye, Helen
Frye, Helen
Geisler, L. Raphael
Goodwin, Alfred
Graber, Susan
Gray, Wendell
Haggerty, Ancer
Harris, Jerry
Hart, C. Allan
Hedlund, William
Hess, Henry
Heltzel, Charles
Henderson, Wilbur
Herbold, Barrie
Hewitt, Carol
Hibbard, George
Hinkle, Charles
Hollis, Orlando
Jaqua, John
Jelderks, John
Jeremiah, Velma
Johnson, Lee
Jolles, Bernard
Jones, Robert E.
Joseph, George
Juba, George
Jurkins, Jacqueline
Kester, Randall B.
Kilkenny, John
Kilpatrick, Roy
King, M. Garr
Kohlberg, Jerome
Kremen, Hattie
Langtry, Virgil
Leavy, Edward
Leedy, Robert
Lent, Berkeley
Lewis, Jean L.
Lezak, Sidney
Linde, Hans

Looney, David
Luckey, C. Edward
Lusk, Hall Stoner
Lusk, Sara C. Emmons
Maizels, Richard
Marmaduke, Donald
Marcus, Michael
Marsh, Malcolm
Martin, Roger
McCabe, Peter
McCarty, Chester
McGraw, Noreen Saltveit
Mentzer, Bonnie
Mosser, John
Myers, Hardy
Newbry, Earl T.
Newbry, Lynn W.
Noonan, Frank
Olson, Kristine
O’Neil, Katherine
Panner, Owen
Paulus, Norma

Perris, Elizabeth
Peterson, Edwin
Plymell, Alice
Porter, Charles O.
Ralston, William C.
Ray, Dale A.
Redden, James
Rhoten, George A.
Rives, George
Rives, George
Roberts, Betty R.
Robinson, Roosevelt .
Rockey, Alice Carey
Ryan, John
Schwab, Herbert
Schwabe, John
Sepenuk, Norman
Skelton, Keith
Skopil, Otto
Smith, Leo
Smith, Robert F.
Solomon, Gus
Spaulding, Bruce
Spears, Frank H.
Spencer, Douglas
Stoel, Caroline
Stoel, Thomas
Stoel, Thomas & Caroline
Sullivan, Donal
Sutherland, James
Tanzer, Jacob B.
Teiser, Sidney
Thatcher, Terry
Thornton, Robert
Torp, Frederick
Charles H. Turner

Wax, Steven
Weatherford, James Knox
Wiener, Norman
Weiner, Norman
Williams, David
Willner, Don S.
Wood, Erskine B.
Wright, Charles
Wyatt, Wendell
Yturri, Anthony

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Gleaves, Swearingen, Larsen, Potter, Scott & Smith LLP
Klarquist Sparkman, LLP: The First Sixty Years
Lane, Powell, Spears, Lubersky, LLP: Lawyers Making History
One-hundredth Anniversary, McEwen, Gisvold, Rankin & Stewart: Founded as Cake and Cake
Wood Tatum Sanders & Murphy Firm History
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