2019 Annual Picnic

On August 4, 2019, the USDCHS honored the women majority justices on the Oregon Supreme Court -an amazing day of celebration and admiration for all who have served on the Oregon Supreme Court. The setting, Judge Leavy’s family hop farm, is idyllic and only adds to the energy that runs through the gathering.

The barn at the Leavy Century Farmstead.
Oregon Supreme Court Justices, past and present.
District Court Judge Karin Immergut.
District Court Judge Robert E. Jones and Pearl Jones.
Your Honors. Hans Linde, Henry Breithhaupt, Susan Graber, Adrienne Nelson.
Justices Lynn Nakamoto, Adrienne Nelson, Martha Walters, Rebecca Duncan.
Frank Gerry, author and icon.
Governor Barbara Roberts.
Oregon Supreme Court Justice Hans Linde.
Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Martha Walters and Senior Judge for the Ninth Circuit Ed Leavy.
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