It Was a Lovely Picnic

Since 2002, the USDCHS has been fortunate to hold its annual August picnic at the family hop farm of Judge Edward Leavy. The farm was purchased in 1912 and was honored with Century Farm status earlier this decade. The theme for this year’s festivities was honoring the women majority justices on the Oregon Supreme Court, including past Justices and the Governors who appointed them. There are currently 10 states with women majority female supreme courts.

Chief Justice Martha Walters in red with Justices Lynn Nakamoto, Adrienne Nelson, and Rebecca Duncan, four of the five women currently on the Oregon Supreme Court. Photo by Owen Schmidt.

Picnic tables are set up, chairs placed, and tabletops covered with paper by volunteer crews that can include aspiring teenage jugglers, USDCHS board members, and members of all levels of Oregon jurisprudence. Judge Leavy keeps things moving as he zips about on a Gator.

Decades of Oregon Supreme Court Justices, with Justice Hans Linde at the center.
Photo by Robert Moreau

Sitting in the shade with a cool beverage in your hand. Standing and talking with colleagues and friends. Watching Senior Judge Robert E. Jones walk Justice Adrienne Nelson over to meet Gerry Frank, former Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield. This picnic can offer refreshment, continuity, and new beginnings. This time it also gave picnicker the chance to sing Happy Birthday to our host.

Judge Edward Leavy holds birthday card as he is serenaded with Happy Birthday” by Senior Judge Anna Brown, Ron Silver, and Houston Bolles. Photo by Owen Schmidt
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