Justice Hans A. Linde (1924-2020)

The USDCHS notes with sadness the passing of an Oregon legal giant, Oregon Supreme Court Justice Hans A. Linde.  We direct you to these articles for more information about his place in Oregon and national history.

We are grateful to have a 2019 picnic memory captured. The picnic theme celebrated the men and women who have served on Oregon’s highest court. 2019 was the first year that women justices formed the majority of the Oregon Supreme Court.

In a touching moment, to ensure a group photograph that included then-95-year-old Oregon Supreme Court Justice Hans Linde, the gathering of decades-spanning former and current Oregon Supreme Court justices moved with one accord from the front of the event to cluster around the seat of the smiling Justice Linde for a photo in the shade on a sunny day. We extend our condolences to Justice Linde’s family.

Oregon Supreme Court Justices past and present, 2019. Justice Hans Linde is seated. Photo by Owen Schmidt.



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